What is a good blog without links to the bloggers favorites? I'll try to list as many of my favorite places here...please let me know if I'm missing any by commenting!

THE PROFFESIONALS: I admit I'm an Alex Anderson addict, a great admirer of Jinny Beyer, and practically a Kaffe Fassett groupie. These are the sites that I go to when I'm looking for trusted information I can count on, as well as enjoyment and inspiration!
  • Alex Anderson Anyone who's ever enjoyed Alex's show, Simply Quilts, will know that she is one of the most supportive and encouraging quilt personalities out there. She has a way of pointing out mistakes while giving help, as well as showing a true appreciation for all the quilt artists who appeared on her show. Her directions are truly simple, and she will always be a favorite!
  • Jinny Beyer I absolutely adore the quilt designer feature on her site and her free patterns. Even if her patterns tend to be a bit complicated, I always feel confident that I can simplify them or get an idea for an exciting new quilt. Jinny Beyer's book is one of my favorites, and it's where I first understood that hand quilting can look perfect and highly artistic.  She's also the first person to explain for me why mirror image fabric is so important to snatch up when you find it.
  • Kaffe Fassett This is the guy that turns me straight into a quilting fan girl! Whether knitting, tapestry, or quilting (he paints, too!) I can look at his work for hours. Touching, cutting and working with his fabric is always a joy...I can look at it endlessly. I do admit his fabrics can be an acquired taste...but once you sink your teeth in, they are addictive! He appeared on Alex Anderson's show, and I remember him moving around tiny quilt pieces until it was just so. I'm a bit more random, but his fabrics and work never cease to inspire me
FREE PATTERNS: We should all support quilters, teachers, designers and shops as much as we can, but it's also fine to be frugal, and there are many sites that have resources available to you. Support them whenever you can, and enjoy!

  • Quilters Cache Just an amazing reference, made especially enjoyable by the author's very personal Letters from Mama Bear that are posted usually weekly! CLICK HERE to start searching through all the free quilt patterns and instructions.

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