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  It took me a while to admit it...yes, I do have a fabric stash. I used to think of it as just fabric for projects, until I started reading quilting magazines and found out what quilters call their stacks and stacks of fabric! The photo here is just a shoe storage unit with fat quarters, arranged roughly by color or category. I'll try to reveal another theme of fabric pictured here every week--or more often whenever possible. (And, yes, I confess, there is a lot more in bigger cubby holes). Do you have any of these fabrics? What did you do with them? I'd love to hear about your projects if you comment below!

OCTOBER 29, 2011
   Here are some fabrics I couldn't resist with butterflies. My daughter went through a butterfly phase, so, I went through a butterfly fabric collecting phase! I just haven't come up with the right project for them yet... Some are bright and some pastel, but when I get the notion...I'm all ready to go!

OCTOBER 30, 2011 
   There is something about blue and white fabric that's just irresistible...I think it reminds me of porcelain dishes and teapots. In fact, a blue and white print of teacups is deadly: sure to get me to buy it! I bought these pieces because I liked them, and they started talking to me shortly after. They kept saying: make a Broken Dishes quilt with a mixture of these fabrics and a fabric to represent the floor. As soon as I figure out how to make all the lines on the wood flooring go in the same direction, I'll get right on that. Until then...I like to look at these really beautiful blue fabrics!
OCTOBER 31, 2011 
   Another kind of fabric that always finds it's way into my stash is any print with an "architectural" theme...a print that would look almost realistic in a schoolhouse or cottage quilt. I've been collecting these so long, I almost have enough to make one of those neighborhood quilts with a different house in each square. I'm still deciding whether the houses should be the same, all one story with two windows, a door, and a single chimney, or each house should be a little different. All part of the fun! Here are some of the fabrics I'm going to use for the bodies of the houses!

NOVEMBER 2, 2011 

   Once you've collected bricks, pebbles and stone sorts of fabrics, you almost HAVE to follow up with some of the more casual types of prints. Below are baskets, fences, straw and chicken wire. I love the straw fabric...I used it in my Berries, Bunnies and Bricks quilt. I think it would also make a great roof on a cottage or house block...what do you think?

NOVEMBER 6, 2011
   What's a really good stash without pet novelty fabrics? These are not the highest quality cottons, but they are so cute, I had to have them! These types of fabrics are perfect for pet a drag around quilt for putting in the car when your favorite pup goes for a ride.

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