Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Turning Eight Fat Quarters Into Two Very Different Small Quilts

   Sometimes those little bundles of fat quarters are just too adorable to pass up. I was reading a quilting novel, and the story involved a woman from Guatemala. In my head, the descriptions of the colorful fabrics centered on reds and yellows, so when I saw a little bundle of red fat quarters next to a little bundle of yellow fat quarters, each tied with a pretty ribbon at a local quilt show, I had to indulge! Here are the two quilts that came out of those fat quarters.
   The quilt on the right was the first quilt,made in a simple pattern that I could imagine in Latin America.It was more difficult than I thought, because it has to be planned out to make the 4-part windmills fit together properly. To keep partial windmills from being on the quilt, I used a gold marble fabric. For the second quilt, I thought I'd add some white, to see if the colors would pop more. I'd never tried an Irish Chain pattern, so this was my first attempt. I definitely like the fabrics with the white added.


  1. I really like your Irish Chain quilt. I like how you did the borders. Looks like 3 of them. I have a Double Irish Chain to finish. I just purchased the fabric for the borders for it!

  2. I have always admired Irish Chain quilts, but have not had the patience to make one yet. I love the colors of yours and the boxed border it has. The windmill pattern is pretty.