Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ugly Fat Quarter Class

   I dunno. I think all fabric has something to like about it. Some may be more of an acquired taste, while some may just not be your style. Others are just difficult to work with...maybe for a color, design or size problem. While I adore Kaffe Fassett fabric, one of my favorite quilts made from it had my husband comment: While there are many aspects of it that I appreciate, looking at it is not one of them. Talk about a diplomat...but what he was really saying was that the quilt was UGLY!
   When my quilt guild was looking for new programs for next year, we talked about having a class based on using up some ugly fabric. The class evolved to be an ugly fat quarter class. So I got to work designing a pattern that would use but not hide an ugly (or difficult to use) fat quarter. I'll be posting photos and instructions soon...but until then, I'd love to see your ugly fat quarters that you'd like to use up...and ship out! Or, maybe fall in love with all over again and keep for the winter!

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