Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adding Weird Colors Like Olive and Mustard
to Your Quilts for Variety and Added Interest

   I'm a huge fan of Kaffe Fassett fabrics. First, I love the colors and the designs. I especially like that the colors appear what I call "flat" -- meaning that there isn't any shading in any individual color. This works for me in a quilt, because when you find a different fabric with that same color, your quilt begins to pick up all kinds of movement that more delicate fabrics don't seem to have. The colors and designs are bold enough to create new design elements unique to your quilt! I also love the quality and feel of the Kaffe Fassett fabrics...they are thick and luxurious, and a joy to touch and work with.
   I don't have many large pieces in my Kaffe I often have to come up with little challenges for myself. This quilt here has a number of challenges, as well as some odd colors I don't usually work with.
   This quilt originally started out as an attempt at a round robin quilt with a center medallion. I wanted to see what it felt like to not have a pattern, and add rows as the quilt progressed. The starting colors were turquoise, purple and lime. Because I had very little of each fabric, I did a lot of thinking before cutting! From the center fabric, I cut 4 7 1/2" squares...but stacked 4 pieces on top of each other so I could center a design and get 4 repeats. Those squares then formed a kaleidoscope center. I know Kaffe Fassett has some shot cottons in his collection that I was curious about, so I found some similar material at a local quilt shope and made a border. From the lime rectangle fabric, i cut an 18" square from a fat quarter, and cut it on the diagonal twice to have 4 triangles. These were attached to form larger square, which was also bordered in shot cotton...this time turquoise. So far, both of the squares used a light lime print in the corners. Tht same print would also be used to boarder the third round on this quilt. I'll post a close up of that round soon!

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