Monday, October 3, 2011

Using Fabrics in a Quilt That Go Together Great...and Some, Not So Much!

  The fabrics above go together very well colorwise, although they may be almost a little too similar. The styles are a little different, but in a scrap quilt like this one, that is just fine! These were all sorted as Dark fabrics, and none wound up in the same block. There is something about the design of each of the patterns in these fabrics that sets them apart from each other in my mind: the one o the right has very casual veining in the leaves, as well as casual detailing in the flowers. The center fabric is almost opulent; very traditional and old school with those very beautiful cabbage roses in full bloom, while the fabric on the left has a more modern detail to it with the pointed lotus flowers. Subjective, I know, but isn't that what quilting is all about?  (Can you tell how much I love Kaffe Fasset fabrics?)                                           
   These fabrics don't really go together colorwise at all...although the designs are identical. None of these fabrics wound up in the same blocks either, but 2 were sorted as Light fabrics, and one (the rust colored one on the left) was sorted as a Dark fabric. And while very few people in their right mind would put these colors together in the same quilt...a scrap quilt is the perfect opportunity to throw them all into the will be amazed at how they work together. Even before being sewn into the quilt, you can see the blue flowers of the light green fabric work with the blue fabric, and the baskets of the light green fabric work perfectly well with the baskets of the rust colored fabric.

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