Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Makes Stack and Whack Quilts So Much Fun!

     If you love surprises, Stack and Whack quilts are a hoot! For those of you who aren't familiar with them, the premise is take lots and lots of fabric (sometimes hideous!) and stack identical pieces exactly on top of each other. You then cut squares or triangles and sew them together to form pinwheel designs. What makes them fun is that you often don't know what the block will look like when you finish. Surprise!

     Here's one that I did a while ago.. The starter fabric was a huge print with watermelons and cantaloupes  on it. My big mistake was not understanding how much contrast you need in a Stack and Whack block. While I love my Watermelon quilt, the yellows and oranges in the melon fabric tend to blend a little too much with the background yellow fabric. It would probably have been better to use dark green for the background and the yellow for the sashing. Oh, well, live and learn! And, enjoy it anyway! Although I still may use some dark green thread to outline each pinwheel to add some contrast!
     What do you think? Please comment...and definitely link to photos of Stack and Whack quilts you have made!

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  1. I LOVE stack and whack quilts-- I have made ONE, but have bought the fabric for at least 3 more!! You're right about the fun and surprise element! Yours is gorgeous!!! I made mine using pillow panels that I found REALLY cheap-- so bought enough to stack and whack-- and I've wanted to make another ever since!