Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What to Do with That Novelty Fabric You Couldn't Resist!

     You know you're guilty! You bought a half a yard of a fall novelty fabric, and it sits there and sits there because you have no idea what to do with it! All I can say is, let it speak to you and tell you what to make with it!
     In the small quilt above, a fall novelty print forms the basis of a sweet wallhanging. It was cut to 18 1/2" by 12 1/2". Those measurements were chosen because of the wide availability of free 6 1/2" block patterns.

    Fabrics were chosen to compliment the colors in the novelty print, and divided into light and dark piles. A dark green fabric was chosen to frame the panel first. It was cut into 2" strips and sewn on the 2 short sides first and then the long sides. Next, the dark and light coordinating fabrics were cut into 2" strips as well, and applied in log cabin fashion around the panel. 
     The four 2" strips sewn together (the dark green, and three strips sewn on in log cabin fashion) create a 6" finished boarder. This is important, because now the piece measures 30 1/2"...just right for 5 6" maple leaf blocks. The background of the Maple Leaf blocks is the same fabric as the outer log cabin strips for continuitey...the darker fabric is on the left and the lighter is on the right. Scraps were used to make the Maple Leaf blocks, leftovers from the log cabin strips and whatever else was available!
   What do you think? Please comment and tell how you use your novelty fabrics!

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