Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sometimes Even the Prettiest Fabrics Make a Disappointing Quilt

   Combinations of blues and greens in high quality fabrics are almost irresistible! So I couldn't walk past this Lakehouse fabric without getting a smidgen of several prints. Things were hectic, and I wanted to work with the fabric so much that I took a suggestion from a magazine and made a super large quilt block into a whole quilt. Here's how it came out:
   I suppose it is OK, and it looks great as a table topper with a bowl of hydrangeas, white dishes and some cobalt blue vases, but all in all, I think the fabric would have been given more justice if the pieces were smaller.
   If you do want to try your own, this is just 16 half-square triangles made up of 32 triangles: 4 dark blue, 8 floral, 8 stripe, and 12 white. Lay them out as shown, sew the triangles together, and join them to form the block. Border with complimentary fabric, and either miter the corners or use corner stones to make it simpler.
   In the hopes that quilting would add more interest, I tried some feathers in the white areas. I think the overall quilt would benefit from a little more quilting in the white areas...although more quilting on the print fabrics really wouldn't show up. Here is a close up of the feather quilting...and another small photo of someone in the family who really enjoys the quilt!

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