Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Sophisticated Baby Quilt for a Boy, a Girl, Maybe Even a Dog!

   Sometimes prospective parents just don't seem to be the type to love the usual juvenile prints quilters adore putting in their baby quilts. Maybe they have a fear of clowns and circus animals, maybe their sibling's baby already has Winnie the Pooh or Care Bears all over their nursery...or maybe they just want to be different.
   Here's a simple baby quilt I made to use some sample fabric at a quilt shop I used to spend a lot of time in. It uses fabrics with a bit of gold in them. The pink is deeper, the blue a bit darker, and they are both set off with a cream fabric and a gold fabric. The exact fabric is called Pink Scapes and Turquoise Scapes, and is still available online in the blenders section at The blue and pink squares alternate in the centers of each 8" finished block, and the cream and gold fabrics switch places in those blocks to create checkerboard 4-patch squares throughout the quilt.
   Let me know what you think of this cute little quilt, and I can post a pattern if you like. Obviously, my dog Ranger is a big fan of this crib quilt!

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  1. Sure, I'd love to see a picture of the quilt- but have to say, that it is Ranger that caught me eye! Awwww.. what a sweetie! I love dogs! :-)